A Letter to Potential Clients

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Being charged with a DUI is one of the most life altering experiences any of us will ever face. However, just because you have been charged does not mean that the outcome is a foregone conclusion. As a former prosecutor, I handled over a thousand cases including hundreds of DUIs. I know the law, the system and how to get results.

  • Avoid Jail: Depending on the specific facts and the steps you take to prepare and present your case, you may be able to avoid serving a mandatory minimum in county prison through house arrest, electronic monitoring or work release.
  • Maintain Your License: Individuals who qualify may apply for and receive an Occupational Limited License (OLL) where the operation of a motor vehicle is essential to the individual’s occupation, work, trade, treatment or study.
  • Protect Your Record: You may be eligible for programs such as the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program which can resolve your case without a conviction. Successful completion of such a program typically requires a period of supervision, payment of fines, costs and restitution, and community service.

I am committed to providing you with exceptional, accessible legal services. From our first meeting through the resolution of your case I will be there when you need me.

Call 610-680-7842 to speak with me about your case or to schedule a free consultation. I offer flexible office hours, including evenings and weekends to work around your schedule. I look forward to meeting you and discussing with you how I can help.