White Collar Crimes

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We aggressively defend those charged with white collar crimes.  White collar crimes generally refer crimes that are non-violent and includes:

Antitrust Violations
Computer / Internet Fraud
Credit Card Fraud
Phone / Telemarketing Fraud
Bankruptcy Fraud
Healthcare Fraud
Environmental Law Violations
Insurance Fraud
Mail Fraud
Government Fraud
Financial Fraud
Securities Fraud
Insider Trading
Forgery / Counterfeiting
Public Corruption
Money Laundering
Economic Espionage
Trade Secret Theft
Computer Crimes
Bank Fraud
Multi-Level Marketing
RICO Crimes
Immigration Law Violations
Export/Import Crimes
Tax Crimes
Securities Fraud
Social Security Fraud
Health Care Fraud
Corporate Crimes
Weapons Charges
Wire fraud

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Most white-collar charges are filed in federal courts. You are likely to face a determined and resourceful prosecution. Our criminal attorneys have years of experiences in successfully defending clients facing white collar crimes. Our experienced attorneys along with our team of experts have successfully defended many clients over the years.


If you are charged with a white-collar crime or you are under investigation for a white collar crime, contact an experienced white collar criminal defense lawyer in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  Time is of essence. If convicted you could face criminal penalties including a fine, prison term or a combination of both. Conviction can also result in numerous civil suits for disgorgement, or turning over to the government, any profits obtained because of the crime, restitution or repayment, to the victims of the offense or other damages that may be provided by law. You will find it difficult to get employment and may have to face social stigma of being convicted for a white collar crime. Don’t take chances.

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