Theft Crime Lawyer in Montgomery County

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We aggressively defend those charged with the following theft offenses:

  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Arson
  • Larceny
  • Car Theft
  • Shoplifting

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Pennsylvania Theft Crimes

Theft refers to the unlawfully taking or otherwise depriving another of moveable property; or unlawfully transferring or exercising control over immovable property with intent to benefit one’s self and includes petty theft, grand theft, shoplifting, larceny, identity theft, etc. Theft is committed by stealing anything of value. The value of the property determines the classification of the theft crime and the nature and extent of the penalty that will be imposed upon conviction. Most theft crimes are treated as misdemeanors but if the value of the items involved in the theft is very high, then it will be treated as a felony. The penalties for theft crimes are severe. If convicted, you will have to serve time in prison. In Pennsylvania, if convicted, you can be sent to serve a year in prison even if the value if the items involved in less than $50. pacriminaldefenselawyer04_001 Never attempt to fight a theft charge by yourself. Theft defense is complex. You will need the assistance of an experienced criminal attorney. Our criminal attorneys have years of experience in successfully defending clients charged with theft crimes. Our criminal attorneys work with our team of experts to identify and use all available theft defenses to your benefit. Intent to return another’s property can be a defense to theft charges. To plead this defense, the property must retain its value and the return must be unconditional. If the evidence is overwhelmingly against you, we may be able to negotiate charges down to a lesser offense, especially when a deal can be reached that involves restitution. Contact our experienced criminal defense lawyers now to fight your case. From our offices in Montgomery County, PA we represent clients all over Pennsylvania.