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Highly recommended

David was knowledgeable and prepared. He has a good relationship with the local court and will guide you through all steps necessary. I would highly recommend David. – Anonymous.


David understood my current issues and so helped navigate appropriate consequences
So appreciative! – Anonymous.

Great experience

Straight forward, personable, and answers questions fast. I would recommend to anyone who needs a lawyer. – Katrina

10 star

If I could rate David 10 star I would. Although I do not plan on getting in to any more trouble, if I did, I would seek David’s help. He’s very open and honest. All questions were answered in a timely manner. He was also will to work with me on payment arrangements. Definitely worth every penny. I have to admit I thought I was going to be in deep trouble but lets just say I received a smack on the wrist. I want to take the time to Thank him once again and I highly without a doubt recommend his hard work and dedication to anyone. – Anonymous.

Excellent communication

David was always able to answer all of my questions. His responses were prompt and informative. I have dealt with other lawyers and never had the same kind of tardiness with responses. Thank you for your services. – Anonymous.


Exceptional lawyer. Very knowledgeable and prompt when it came to my DUI cases and personal matters. Charges and fines were lowered considerably. I would recommend David to anyone in need of legal advice. – Bonnie


David worked on my DUI expungement. His price was very affordable, his services were helpful and there was good communication throughout the process. – Brianna

best lawyer in all of Montgomery county hands down.

David Mckenzie is an excellent lawyer. He was very polite, professional, and he did exactly what he said he would do from day one. I was lucky enough to have attorney David Mckenzie in my corner and if you want to win your case you should give him a call. Thanks again David. – Mohammad


I was facing real trouble and a suspended license, but David was able to navigate the legal system and allow me to get off completely. He was a pleasure to deal with through a trying experience. I would hire him again and recommend him to anyone I knew. – Ron

my experience

He was able to bargain on a criminal case for someone special to me. He did a great job at negotiating with the cops and presenting the case in such a manner to the judge that the minimum was left to go. We are impressed with his humble demeanor and sincere approach to any client. He would treat you with respect and he would do anything in his power to come with the best outcome possible. He knows a lot of people in the system which I think is a great help for him to do his job negotiating and allowing the customer to feel confident that something is going to be done. – Anonymous



I searched a lawyer to replace a lawyer I hired because I didn’t think he worked for my best interest. I found Mr. McKenzie online, and didn’t have much expectation, just hoped that he was better than the one I was looking to replace. After a few months of observing him working on my case, I was relief that he was 100% better than the one let go. I was so glad he was my lawyer while he was working the case. And then when he finally negotiated my case with DA, I could not be more happier because he actually worked out a great deal for me with DA. I will recommend Mr. McKenzie to anyone who had DUI case, especially it is your second DUI case. – Anonymous.

Trustworthy and Successful

David McKenzie approached my case with sensitivity and confidence. He was sure to provide me with the information I needed and keep me in the forefront of every decision regarding my case. I would absolutely recommend David McKenzie for all your legal needs. – Anonymous

Great person and responsive lawyer

I really liked working with David. He was very thorough with his explanations and he followed all the way thru. He made himself available all the time whether over a call or email or text. This was very important to me since most of us are not going through this experience everyday

I would highly recommend him – Anonymous.

Great Lawyer

I was referred to David by a friend and couldn’t be happier with the way I was represented. He was able to make it possible for me to keep my license which was very helpful. I would definitely hire David again if I needed legal representation in the future and I would recommend him to any friends or family as well. – Anonymous

Professional and personable

I was referred to David by a friend that called him “the best in the business”. He represented me in a criminal drug offense case and managed to arrange the best case scenario plea bargain.
He is an absolute professional who always kept me informed and very prompt in response. Would recommend to anyone! – Josh

Outstanding. Best decision we made.

David represented our son in a difficult, challenging case. Issues arose, as well as mistakes were made by the state, that David resolved in our favor. Without him, our son would have likely been severely penalized. David is an outstanding representative who guided us through months of process steps, always professionally surmising next outcomes. We highly HIGHLY recommend David McKenzie. – John


Was very knowledgable about my case and what to do to get me the best outcome, which he was able to do in the end. He was always very easy to get in touch with and speak to. He was always up-front about the details and what to do at each step of the process. – Anonymous.

Speeding Ticket issue

I was fined for speeding and received 5 points. I spoke with David regarding my options and he set a plan for us. David met me at the court and was able to get me to plead to a lesser ticket that did not have any points associated with in. – Anonymous

Professional, excellent DUI attorney (Pennsylvania)

I had my first (and last) DUI recently – and did not know where to turn – I called several attorneys. The only attorney who called me back immediately was David McKenzie. He was respectful, professional and guided me through the complicated journey of the ARD program – he consistently returned my calls, e-mails and texts and was with me every step of the way. I am happy to say that I got accepted in the ARD program with a reduced license suspension thanks to Mr. McKenzie. Of course, a lot was on me to complete the ARD program (which can be complicated for someone new to the program) – but he was always there when I had questions. I would highly recommend David McKenzie. – Nicholas.

The very best attorney ever

Unfortunately, i had hired another attorney for a misdemeanor case of the silliest of charges by neighbors who retaliated after I reported them for several township violations. The attorney I hired did not educate me on what to expect and kept reassuring me all would be well and that my case would be dismissed or become a summary. Case should not have been charged as misdemeanor but was and then taken to a higher court. Believing the district attorney would issue a summary charge, 4 days before my hearing a new attorney called me and told me the bad news that the district attorney wanted to proceed and what to expect. Blind sighted and in amazement that this case was going so far, I called the original attorney who I hired to explain the depth of the case. He was rude and nasty-mentioning what his time is worth. So I called David McKenzie…why didn’t I research attorneys better? Although too late to hire David, he spoke clearly and professionally to me and explained the many questions that my own lawyer was too busy and nasty to answer. David gave me scenarios of what to expect and the outcomes. I wish I had hired him and feel the other lawyer has not represented me fairly. Now all I have left are prayers and grateful thanks to David. I could not advise a better attorney (my father was a district attorney); thank you David. – Anonymous.

Awesome Attorney

David is an awesome lawyer. Very professional physically, verbally as well as very honest, up front and most important financially reasonable. My finance needed his services and he explained everything very detailed and clearly which made me very comfortable to work with him (and by the way my fiancé’s case went with David’s first thought and option and one we wanted and needed). If you need and license related or dui related issues David is a good asset to retain. I strongly recommend him.

Signed …His client. – D.Brown.


My family and I have used Davids services a few times and have been so impressed! He is very professional, quick to respond and is very knowledgeable and reliable. David is a an excellent attorney who I would highly recommend. – Anonymous.

Excellent DUI Defense

In being charged with two high BAC DUI cases, Dave worked virgorously to defend my case(s) meanwhile educating and guiding me through the long process of the judicial system to a very productive and fair outcome that I would have never expected. He answered every call and text within minutes and reassured me of what was being accomplished daily. He is an excellent attorney! – Michael

Five Star Service

My experience with David was nothing but exceptional! When I first was charged with a second DUI offense I didn’t know what to expect and my mind was racing. While I had spoken with numerous other attorneys specializing in DUI defense, after speaking with David my mind was put at rest. David laid out what I should expect both best and worse case scenarios. After our first meeting I knew that not only could I trust David but depend on him for the long road ahead. David made himself available 7 days a week for any and all questions I had, whether it was via text, call or email. DUI’s are a scary thing particularly because of the unknown. With David’s experience and past record I was assured a level of comfort that allowed me to rest easy. Any and all questions I had no matter how far fetched were answered. David made sure I knew what to expect with every step of the criminal process and assured me he would fight for the best possible outcome. He did just that. I received a GREAT deal from the courts. I would recommend David to anyone who needs a defense attorney that will not only fight for them every step of the way but will also explain in full detail what the options are and how to obtain the best possible outscome in what would seem like a hopeless situation. David’s professionalisim, dedication and passion gave me an outcome I’m beyond satisfied with. I highly recommend David as an attorney that will get the job done. – Joshua

Great skill and incredibly reliable

David helped me in a difficult situation that involved some difficult people. He was very professional and was able to ensure a positive outcome for all involved. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing help. In addition to his professionalism, he was very amicable and welcoming of any and all questions, comments, and concerns. He has my many thanks! – Brittany

Juvenile Criminal Case

I would definitely recommend David Mckenzie for legal representation. My husband and I hired him to represent our juvenille son in a criminal matter. Throughout the duration of the process, David was very polite, took his time explaining things, and most importantly, he got the job done. We are very pleased with the outcome of a dismissal, contingent upon 1 stipulation.

To you David,
thank you!! – Anonymous client

An Understanding Approach Providing Actual Results

Having had a a few occasions where I’ve required legal assistance, it’s hard to stomach the possibility of paying a substantial retainer, and not receiving the outcome you had hoped for. With David McKenzie, this is certainly not the case.

Mr. McKenzie will take the time to explain in great detail your legal options, and then outline the best course of action. He takes into consideration not only the simple facts, but your opinions and concerns. Then he will fight to make sure you are heard and you get the results you deserve. When other lawyers may have surrendered, Mr. McKenzie worked above and beyond to pressure the prosecution to coming to an acceptable plea on MY terms.

I am more than content with the service he provided, and the retainer he required was among the lowest I found. I read other reviews before making my selection, and I am happy to add to them in recommending David McKenzie to anyone who finds themselves needing top legal assistance. When it really mattered, I trusted in him and would do so again should I ever be in need. If you’re fighting for your life and livelihood, David McKenzie is a great guy to have at your side. – John


David McKenzie is an excellent attorney. I highly recommend him. He helped me step by step through my dui case. If I had any questions he would answer me right away. He was very informative and kept me informed of what was going on. I can’t thank him enough for his excellent work. And because of his excellent work and because this is my first dui offense he was able to get me into the ARD program. Again if you are facing dui charges I HIGHLY recommend David McKenzie.  – Anonymous client


I would like to thank David McKenzie for his professionalism and his integrity. He is a man of character and probity, for which I am grateful for his services. – Dale


David answered my concerns in a timely fashion and kept me up-to-date. I felt comfortable with his opinions and his specific knowledge. Nowadays there are many steps and complications with a DUI case and his suggestions made the navigation a lot simpler and less time consuming. I would recommend David for his experience and helpful attitude. Without a good lawyer, this journey would be quite cumbersome. – Richard


Dave did a great job. – Michael

Couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer

David met with us to discuss the details of my case situation and advised us on procedures. He is very responsive on all the questions we had and is very patient in answering them. He is a very calming influence and very very approachable. I would definitely recommend him. – JJ

David C. McKenzie III

David answered my concerns in a timely fashion and kept me up-to-date. I felt comfortable with his opinions and his specific knowledge. I certainly would recommend his services. – Anonymous client

Recommendation for David McKenzie

David is personable and dedicated to attaining the best results for his cases. In my experience, he delivered a better agreement with the court system then we ever could expect. He is honest with circumstances, expectations, and great at developing strategies that best suit his client’s interests. I am confident in his services and recommend him for anyone in need of and seeking representation. -Lauren

Highly Recommended

David McKenzie did a great job in defending me over a speeding violation of 32 above which usually results into 5 points on the license. I was sure if I go to court alone, I am going to get at least 2-3 points in best case. David used his skills and experience to persuade the officer and ended up getting a good bargain with just a non-moving violation with 0 points !!! I think that is better than what I expected to be the outcome of my case. Thanks David I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help in defending speeding tickets. – Anonymous client

Attorney McKenzie’s help for ARD program

He was great in helping my son delay his court date so he completed all needed for the ARD program! – Lisa

Excellent DUI Attorney

Mr. McKenzie could not have been more professional and personal. Every question I had was answered quickly and any unease I felt was erased. I would highly recommend David if there is an issue of this nature that you need resolved. – Jeffrey

Awesome Service and Very Personal

David aided me in having an underage drinking charge dismissed. Throughout the process he was quick to respond to any questions I had at any time of the day and kept me informed of what was required of me throughout the process. I highly recommend David and would hire him again if necessary. He was very personal and professional. -Anonymous client

Thanks David

I had a difficult legal issue to tackle and David was there to handle my situation with compassion and professionalism. He was very knowledgeable and turned a difficult situation into a positive for my family and I. Thank you David. – David

Highly Recommended

David McKenzie was excellent at guiding me through the entire legal process. He made everything understandable to me. Very accessible for any questions or concerns I had. Always promptly returned all calls, emails, or texts. Hopefully I never need legal assistance again but if I do David McKenzie will be the first person I call. – Matt

DUI Case

Dave knowledge about the legal framework, local players in the courtroom, his interpersonal skills and client service orientation made the whole difference in my brother’s case. He comes with my strongest recommendations to anyone in need for legal representation. top notch professional. – Anonymous client

Underage Drinking

My son was issued a citation for underage drinking on a college campus. We engaged David to represent our son to not only get the matter handled expeditiously but to also get this expunged from his record. David arranged community service, no court appearance a modest fine and a full expungement. – Anonymous client

McKenzie Law Firm

I would recommend David to any person facing a DUI or another criminal charge. He was very knowledgable of the entire process from start to finish. This helped to put me at ease through the long wait to be admitted into ARD. – Matt

David McKenzie

I would recommend David to anyone who has been charged with a DUI. He was very communicable and easy to contact. If I emailed him or called I got a response quickly, sometimes immediately. He kept me up to date and guided me throughout the whole process up to the hearing date. – Anonymous client


Mr. McKenzie was very responsive to my needs, he understood my concerns regarding my legal issue. He was able to put my mind at ease as he gave advice and handled the situation at hand. Everything was explained and progressed just as it was discussed. – Anonymous client

DUI Defense

After being charged with DUI and refusing a breathalyzer test, I spoke to a few local lawyers on the phone. From the very beginning, David came across as personable, believable, and informative. He helped answer the many questions I had over the phone and through email. If I did email him, he always responded within the same day, sometimes immediately.

I first met David in person before my preliminary hearing, and he was indeed personable, just like on the phone. With his help, I was able to get accepted into the ARD program as a first time offender, even after refusing the breathalyzer.

Overall, I’m glad I hired David, and would definitely recommend him to anyone! – Anonymous client


I got charged with a DUI in early 2014. I had a BAC of .168 and also had weed and methamphetamines in my system at the time I was stopped. I was told by some that having multiple drugs in my system may make me in eligible for the ARD program.

I hired David and he did a great job. He got a few of my drug charges dropped by the officer before my preliminary trial. He then guided me through the ARD application process and I was eventually accepted and admitted into the program.

I would recommend David to any person facing a DUI or another criminal charge. He was very knowledgable of the entire process from start to finish. This helped to put me at ease through the long wait to be admitted into ARD. – Anonymous client

Amazing Lawyer

David is the best lawyer money can buy. He approaches cops and judges with great respect and wouldn’t want anybody else representing myself other than David Mckenzie.   – Corey

David is amazing!

Our family used Dave McKenzie for legal issues and the whole time he kept us informed and we felt as though he was definitely doing what he felt was right/best thing for us! When ever we would call/email him he would get back to us as soon as he possibly could. We’ve went to see many of lawyers before him and they just didn’t compare. I have reccommended him to a few people now and I would definitely recommend him to anyone! Thank you dave!  – Kate

Highly recommended DUI attorney

I would definitely reccommend David McKenzie to anyone in need of a lawyer. After having a bad experience with my P.D. , I was referred to David by a friend. After reaching out to him, he immediately responded back to me the following business day and was more then helpful to my needs. He answered every question I had with much knowledge and kept me well informed throughout the process. I could tell he was genuinely concerned with my case and did a great job to bring my consequences down to a minimum.  – Emily

Highly Recommended

I was referred to David by a friend who had used him previously. He reprsented my son in a criminal case and the outcome was far better than we ever expected. He is kind, considerate and very compassionate. He went above and beyond anything that I ever expected from an atrotney and he was willing to work with me financially which was an added bonus. If you ever need a lawyer please do yourself a favor and contact David. He is truly amazing.  – Debbie

Underage Consumption of an Alcoholic Beverage

David provided expert counseling in guiding me through the PA law regarding the summons I received. Following his advice I accepted the state’s offer to perform community service and attend alcohol awareness classes so that the charges will be dropped. After the charges are officially dropped, I will work with David to get the summons expunged so that there will be no permanent record that it was ever issued to me.  – Anonymous client

Excellent Attorney

From our first meeting, David has been nothing but helpful. He explained the alternatives that were available and the consequences of each. David was always available to answer our questions. Having worked for an attorney, I appreciated David’s personal attention. We will recommend David and also we would not hesitate to use his services in the future.  – Kate

5-Star Service

Before i even hired David he answered all of my questions and gave me advice. After securing his services he was personally involved in my case every step of the way, even the steps that did not require him. He made it very clear he was there to do all he could do for my case. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer, he is clearly knowledgable of the all the laws and proceedures, extremely hands on, and looks out for the best interest of his client.  – Jarrad

Great Lawyer

David McKenzie was great. He helped me through everything. He not only walked me through my whole case and helped my overall sentence, but he made me comfortable and not as nervous and afraid about the whole process. I am thankful that I had him as a lawyer and as a helping hand. – Olivia

Responsive and Knowledgeable

David helped me get my record expunged quickly and cost effectively. I had been charged with a summary offense (below a misdemeanor) when I was 18 and it has been bothering me ever since. While it did not effect me all that often, it seemed to creep up every now and then at inopportune times. I had previously contacted a different law firm to help me, but was told it was going to cost more money than I was willing to spend given that the offense was not a major one and was not impacting my life all that traumatically. When I was introduced to David, he told me he could do it for approximately 20% of the cost I was quoted by the other law firm! I was somewhat skeptical at first, but David filed the necessary paperwork and had everything expunged within a few months. He only asked for relevant details and focused on what needed to be done without running up a large bill. As a result, I was able to clear my record at a reasonable cost which should help me for the rest of my life. – Anonymous client

Excellent Professional Service

Very professional and supportive service. All our questions were answered and explained. We consider ourselves lucky to meet David. – Paul

Excellent Service

I found David to be reliable, personable, informative and compassionate. He answered my questions with clear explanations and had impressive response time, typically same day. He took care of my legal matters with the most favorable outcome. It was a pleasure working with him. I highly recommend David. – TH

David McKenzie is a Fantastic Lawyer

Dave was recommended to me by my life insurance agent to help my wife & I with estate planning. We were very impressed with Dave’s professionalism, accountability, character and knowledge. His prices were fair and reasonable, but a major value add was that Dave came to us. We had 2 meetings with Dave at our home, which made it so easy as we have 2 young children. He also provided his own notary, which helped move the estate planning process along. I have referred Dave to a few family members as well as a few co-workers. I do consider Dave McKenzie as my lawyer going forward. I have gone to him for advice on a few other topics. Dave got back to me right away and talked me thru a few processes and procedures. He didn’t charge me a fee as he was just looking out for my family’s best interests and well being. That’s tough to find these days in a lawyer. If you are in the market for a new lawyer or dealing with “life-changing” events, I would certainly give David McKenzie a call. – Ralph

DUI/Probation Violation

Did an excellent job, fair pricing, got me time served at 3 monthseven though my probation recommendation was for 6 months. Very professional and truly cares about his clients, stayed in constant contact and responded very quickly. Very knowledgeable with a good reputation. Would absolutely recommend. – Kayleigh

Will Definitely Use Him Again!

David is a really great attorney. He always kept us informed and answered all of our questions. He’s one of the few attorneys I have worked with that I have recommended to family and friends. I will be going to him in the future for any needs we may have. – Melissa

Reputable and Honest DUI Attorney – Focused on Clients Situation/Needs

David was very knowledgeable in the area of DUI. He was focused on my situtation and ensured all of my questions were answered. His pricing was fair and offered a favorable result to my case. If you are looking for a good attorney that will be focused on your situation and needs rather than theirs, call David McKenzie. – Jennifer

Felony Eluding a Police Officer with 5 Additional Charges Dropped to 1 Misdemeanor.

David McKenzie III is a very knowledgable attorney. In July of 2012 I was charged with 6 charges, one of them being a Felony for attempting to elude a police officer on a motorcycle. Being 20 years old, I was imagining my life falling to pieces by having a felony on my record. David McKenzie gave me his word so I put my trust in him. He was always communicating with me via emails and phone calls letting me know what the next process was and letting me know what was going on. After attempting to talk with the police officer, David knew the police officer was set in his ways and was sure that I attempted to outrun him in pursuit, that was not the case. He than talked to the ADA and came up with a plea deal. If we went to court it was my word against the police officers word, and I knew the plea deal was my best option. I felt relieved that all of my charges were dropped and I simply had some community service to complete and this would all be behind me. All in all he is a very knowledgable man that will go out of his way to keep you informed while he is hard at work to get the best outcome for you in your court case. I would 100% refer someone to him based on my personal experience with him. – Kevin

NUMBER #1 Lawyer

David Craig McKenzie III is a professional lawyer who sincerely cares about his clients. David Mckenzie will go above and beyond to provide you with excellent service. – Sonya

Best PA DUI Attorney