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In Chester County, a criminal defense lawyer can provide critical support and guidance if you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges for drug crimes, theft, white collar crimes, traffic offenses, or other types of criminal acts. Whether your arrest involved a minor criminal offense or a more serious violation of the law, you may feel like you are alone in your battle. Rest assured that you are not alone. At the McKenzie Law Firm, P.C., we understand that a criminal conviction can devastate your life. However, as bleak as your situation may seem to you right now, it is important that you never give up hope. The right criminal defense lawyer can mount a vigorous defense on your behalf and help ensure the protection of your legal rights.

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Can a criminal defense lawyer restore hope in your case?

When working on your behalf, a criminal defense lawyer can provide you with information, encouragement, and objective advice. With an in-depth knowledge of the laws pertaining to local municipalities, Chester County, and the state of Pennsylvania, the criminal defense attorneys at the McKenzie Law Firm, P.C. understand how the court system and legal processes work. Whatever your criminal charges may be, the prosecution must prove every element beyond a reasonable doubt to obtain a conviction. We can work with you to help build a compelling case for your defense, leveraging whatever possibilities may be available to have your charges dropped or reduced, or to win your case in court.

What are your rights when charged with a crime?

If you are facing criminal charges, you have the right to enlist an attorney to help with your defense. Regardless of the criminal charges you face, your legal rights also entitle you to:

  • Substantive and procedural due process of law;
  • Freedom from unlawful search and seizure;
  • Be informed about the nature and cause of the charges against you;
  • Refrain from making statements that may incriminate you; and
  • A speedy and fair public trial and, when applicable, an impartial jury.

Throughout the defense process, we will ensure that you have and understand your legal rights and answer any questions you may have.

What types of criminal defense cases can an attorney assist with?

In addition to DUI and drunk driving cases, the attorneys at the McKenzie Law Firm, P.C. provide criminal defense representation to clients in a variety of practice areas.

Drug crimes

In Chester County, drug crimes include possession of a controlled substance or drug paraphernalia, possession with the intent to sell, manufacturing of a controlled substance, and marijuana possession, even in small amounts.

Theft crimes

Theft crimes, based on the unlawful taking of property, can include burglary, robbery, retail theft, shoplifting, and possessing stolen property. These crimes may also include credit card or identity theft, welfare fraud, and forgery. Charges can range from low-level misdemeanor to felony crime.

White collar crimes

Although they are non-violent offenses, the legal system takes these financially motivated crimes seriously. White collar crimes are typically committed in the course of employment and include embezzlement, check or credit card fraud, misappropriation of funds, insurance fraud, forgery, and money laundering.


Individual and commercial traffic and moving violations, license suspensions, and unresolved tickets can threaten your driver’s license, your ability to get to work or school, and your ability to purchase car insurance.


The expungement process is complex. However, expunging your criminal record frees you from the past and allows you to carry on with employment opportunities, professional licensure, property rental, firearms possession, and background checks.

ARD cases

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) programs offer an expedient alternative for resolving some first-time criminal offenses, especially DUI cases. After successful completion of the program, you may be able to expunge your charges. You will need the help of an attorney to submit your application for this program.

General criminal defense

In addition to the practice areas listed above, the McKenzie Law Firm, P.C. handles a variety of other criminal defense matters in Chester County and throughout Pennsylvania. We also accept other types of criminal defense clients, depending on the factors of your case. Contact us to schedule a complimentary case review to learn more.

How long should you wait before hiring an attorney?

Once the prosecutor or district attorney files charges against you, the clock starts ticking. Your attorney will have little or no opportunity to review the evidence against you until that time. The criminal process is complex, but our lawyers are ready to mount a defense at every step of the way. Because you are a critical part of your defense team, your attorney must prepare you for your role and ensure that you understand the process. Although the burden of proof lies with the prosecution, a successful criminal defense requires your attorney to identify any potential areas of vulnerability. The lack of probable cause or unreasonable search and seizure allow for the establishment of reasonable doubt. By identifying this type of information as quickly as possible, we may be able to persuade the judge to dismiss the pending charges or convince the prosecutor to accept a plea bargain for a lesser offense.

How can a criminal defense lawyer help you?

Despite what police officers and prosecutors may indicate, their job is to convict you of a crime and ensure you receive punishment commensurate with those charges. When you work with one of our criminal defense attorneys, you enjoy the advantages of a lawyer who is familiar with the local court system, its history, and its processes. Our experience allows us to go directly to work your building your case. The McKenzie Law Firm, P.C. provides criminal defense representation to clients throughout Chester County. Your criminal charges threaten your future with the potential for incarceration, monetary fines, and a permanent criminal record. Do not risk your future by trying to fight these charges alone. We offer complimentary consultations and case reviews for all criminal matters. Contact us today at 610-680-7842 to schedule an appointment with a criminal defense lawyer.