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If you face criminal charges in Bucks County, you have the right to competent legal representation. Many criminal cases are complex and require a skilled and knowledgeable attorney to defend you against the charges you face.

It is also important to act fast after an arrest and get a lawyer on your case as soon as possible. We can often play a significant role in reducing bond, challenging evidence, and negotiating a plea deal. Of course, we can also build a strong defense strategy based on the facts of your case and defend you aggressively in court.

Facing criminal charges does not mean you have to accept the potential consequences of a conviction.

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What kinds of cases can we help with?

While we handle a wide variety of cases, we focus our skills and experience on a few specific practice areas.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving arrests are common in Bucks County, and we handle cases for many clients who face DUI charges. We can help you understand your legal options, work to challenge questionable evidence against you, and minimize the impact your arrest has on your everyday life.

Drug-related Crimes

Drug crimes can range from a minor misdemeanor to a very serious offense. The charges against you depend on the drug, the amount, and other circumstances. The stakes are often high in drug crime cases, especially if police believe you intended to distribute the drugs. To save your reputation and prevent unnecessary disruption of your education or career, you need a strong defense attorney to fight these charges.


Like many other crimes, the consequences of a theft conviction vary significantly based on the facts of your case. Charges are dependent on what police accuse you of taking and the method they believe you used to take it. We can fight false accusations or attempt to negotiate a lesser charge based on a reduced value of the items in question.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are generally nonviolent and motivated only by financial gain. Still, Pennsylvania law takes them seriously. Those convicted face stiff consequences. Crimes such as embezzlement, fraud, and money laundering can result in high fines and even time in prison. We can build a strong defense in your case, protect your constitutional rights, and help you navigate the criminal justice system.

General Criminal Defense

You have a right to understand the charges you face and any potential consequences of a conviction. You also have a right to defend yourself against these accusations. If you recently faced arrest or there is a warrant out for your arrest, call us today. We can develop an aggressive defense strategy for your case and reduce the chances you will face the maximum sanctions. Even if police have not yet charged you, we can accompany you to questioning to ensure your rights remain protected.

Traffic Violations

Many people choose to simply pay a ticket rather than fight minor traffic violations. In some cases, though, this is not a good idea. This is especially true if you have a number of recent traffic tickets. Your driver’s license could be in jeopardy. In addition, more serious traffic violations have harsher penalties. Drunk driving, hit and run, vehicular manslaughter, and other significant charges require help from a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense lawyer.


In some cases, you may be eligible to file for expungement after completing your sentence or finishing a rehabilitation program. Expungement is not available to everyone or for every offense, but it is a valuable opportunity for those who qualify to clear their criminal record. We can help you determine if you qualify for expungement and, if so, help you navigate the process.

ARD Program Cases

Like several other Pennsylvania counties, Bucks County offers an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program to help some first-time offenders get back on track. If you qualify for the ARD program, you can effectively put your case on hold while you complete community service, pay restitution to any victims, and serve a period of probation. Once you successfully complete the program, the District Attorney’s Office will drop the charges against you. You may also qualify to have your criminal record expunged. We can help you determine if you qualify and ensure you meet all deadlines to apply for the program.

Why should you hire a criminal defense lawyer?

Depending on the charges against you, a conviction could mean losing your driving privileges, jail time, losing your job, losing a professional license, and major disruption in your family and social life. If you face a felony conviction, you could be facing decades in state prison hundreds of miles away from your family and friends.

Our goal is to help you minimize impact of an arrest and avoid the harshest consequences that often come along with a conviction. We set our sights on obtaining the best possible outcome for you and work tirelessly and aggressively to achieve that goal.

We have a track record of successfully challenging questionable or misleading evidence and ensuring it never makes it into court. By having the judge throw out improper evidence, we may be able to get charges against you dropped altogether.

Sometimes, our best option is to negotiate a plea deal. This type of agreement asks you to plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a more lenient sentence. This allows you to avoid the harshest penalties and gives you more control over your future.

If police falsely accuse you of a crime, our best option may be to take the case to trial. We can gather all relevant evidence and use it to build a strong defense. We will represent you in front of the judge and jury and fight for a “not guilty” verdict on your behalf.

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