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Pennsylvania Traffic Ticket

We aggressively defend those charged with traffic crimes in Pennsylvania:

Drunk driving
Hit and Run
Driving on a suspended license
Improper movement
No registration
No license
PA Point System Traffic Offenses
Aggressive Driving
Reckless Driving
Road Rage
Running red light
Fleeing & Eluding
Driving Without a License
Driving With No Insurance
Leaving the Scene of an Accident
Serious Injury By Vehicle

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Traffic crimes may sound minor but some traffic crimes have serious consequences. If convicted, you can be sentenced to a prison term.

Minor traffic crimes like jumping lanes are considered infractions but even such infractions can add points to your license. Infractions are tied to a point amount and once you get too many points on your driving record, or in some cases when the violations are extreme in nature, the courts or the DMV can suspend or revoke your driver’s license. It can also result in an increase in your insurance rates. However not all traffic offenses are considered infractions and the effects are not restricted to points on your licenses alone. Some traffic crimes are misdemeanors while certain others are felonies.


Certain traffic offenses such as illegal U turn, parking in a handicapped space without authorization are strict liability offenses. These do not require any criminal intent. The only proof required is that you committed the offense. A traffic violation committed by a moving vehicle is referred to as a moving violation while a non-moving violation is related to a vehicle that is not in motion. Generally moving violations are considered more severe and the fines are higher than for non-moving violations because of the potential for an accident or other dangers.

A traffic crime becomes a misdemeanor or felony if it causes injury to a person or destruction of property, or creates a real threat of injury to a person or destruction of property.

Traffic crimes such as driving without a license or valid insurance, drag racing, reckless driving and DUI are considered a misdemeanor traffic crime. A misdemeanor can be punishable by a fine, jail time, or both. While jail is less likely than with a felony, you can still be incarcerated. You will be taken into custody and be required to post a bail bond, just as you would for non-traffic crimes.

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Felony traffic crimes are serious offenses and can is punishable by prison sentence. In extremely serious cases, the death penalty can be invoked for felony traffic offenses. Felony traffic crimes include hit and run cases, repeat DUI offences and vehicular homicide. Vehicular homicide is an accident that results in the death of another person. The deceased person may have been in the same vehicle or in another vehicle or a pedestrian. To be charged with vehicular homicide, the police and the prosecution must believe that you were operating the vehicle illegally or driving in an illegal manner – under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, driving extremely recklessly or a wide variety of other illegal actions.

Never forgo legal representation when fighting a traffic crime. The consequences may be far more serious than what you might have imagined. You might loose your driver’s license. You may even be sentenced to a prison term.

If you are facing traffic crime charges, contact our experienced criminal defense lawyers now. Our experienced attorneys can study your case and defend you. They may be defenses available based on your circumstances. Do not take unnecessary risks.

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