New PA DUI Law Targets Repeat Offenders

A new Pennsylvania Law is in effect that closes a loophole that previously provided repeat drunken drivers legally with lighter sentences.

Previously, under Pennsylvania law a driver could not be treated as a repeat offender until being sentenced in a first DUI case.  This is important because repeat offenders of the DUI law are subject to much harsher penalties than a first time offender.  The law worked like this, when a person was charged with multiply DUIs in a short period of time, prosecutors would often accepts deals that would bundle the cases and treat each as a first-time offense.

A very real example of this is someone would was charged with multiple DUIs in the same day.  In the past, when those DUIs were ultimately resolved, they would with almost 100% certainly each be treated as a first DUI offense, rather than repeat offenses.

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Now, under the new PA DUI law, judges will consider multiple cases to be repeat offenses even if sentencing has not occurred, triggering harsher penalties.  Thus, using the same example, that very same person who was charged with multiple DUIs in the same day, will now face penalties under the DUI as if those DUIs are repeat offenses and face exponentially greater penalties.

This is a very real and important concern if you or a loved one has been charged with DUI in Pennsylvania.  We at the McKenzie Law Firm are highly skilled in this area of law and will be willing and able to help.  Please give us a call.


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