Do Increased DUI Maximums Make Sense?

Rhode Island lawmakers are proposing stiffer penalties for those who are convicted of DUI as a deterrent to driving drunk.  MADD is encouraging support for them.  One of the laws proposed, would increase the maximum prison sentence for deadly drunk driving years from 20 years to 30 years.  Why would increasing the maximum prison sentence by 10 years deter someone from driving drunk?  Such a proposal suggests 1) those that drive drunk contemplate the possibility of spending 20 years in prison before doing so; 2) decide that such a possibility is worth the risk; 3) and then drive drunk.  Its further suggested that those same people poised with the possibility of facing 30 years in prison for drunk driving, rather than a mere 20, would make a different decision, and refrain.  The reasoning is flawed.

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Another proposed law would make it easier to classify repeat offenders.  Right now in Rhode Island, a drunk driving conviction is removed from the records of offenders who are not arrested again within five years of their convictions.  The bill would extend that to ten years, bringing it in line with the law in Pennsylvania.

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