Drinking & Driving Facts

Drinking And Driving Facts

Drinking & Driving Facts –

Long, long gone are the days when law enforcement and courts in Pennsylvania, and across the United States, demonstrated leniency in regard to driving under the influence. In fact, many maintain that jurisdictions like the commonwealth of Pennsylvania maintain what really amounts to zero tolerance for drinking and driving. With this in mind, there are some essential facts associated with drinking and driving that all drivers must bear in mind before getting behind the wheel of a car in Pennsylvania.

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The Alcohol Equivalency of Different Beverages

Myths abound when it comes to different types of alcoholic beverages. For example, some people think that they can get drunk slower when drinking larger quantities of certain types of alcohol. In the end, the type of alcoholic beverage being consumed really is not the issue. Alcohol related impairment arises from the amount of alcohol in a particular beverage.

The standard size serving of beer, wine and cocktails all contain about the same amount of alcohol. The standard size serving of beer is 12 ounces, of wine if 5 ounces and of distilled liquor is 1.5 ounces. Keep in mind that craft beers oftentimes have higher percentages of alcohol. In addition, some bartenders are generous servers. Nonetheless, these provide useful reference points for a person out on the town.

The average person metabolizes alcohol at the rate of about one standard size drink per hour. Thus, if you have a glass of wine, it will essentially be metabolized in about an hour. However, each individual does have a different rate of metabolizing alcohol. And, as noted, the actual size of the alcohol serving impacts the rate of metabolism as well.

Designate a Driver

The best course of action to take when planning a night out on the town is basic: select a designated driver. I myself prefer to use Uber.  By selecting a designated driver, a person – or group of people – not only keep themselves safe but protect the welfare of other people on the road. In addition, by selecting a designated driver before going out and about on the town, a person enjoying a night out avoids the manifest and expensive legal consequences that flow from being charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania.

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