Driver of Deadly DUI Makes Classic Mistakes

Irwin, Pennsylvania resident Andrew James Beal, 23, is facing a DUI causing death charge following an accident east near the Pennsylvania state line in which a passenger in his truck, Ashley Renee Jones, 21, was ejected and trapped beneath the vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The events, if proven, are tragic. Mr. Beal; however, made some mistakes to his detriment during the DUI investigation.

A friend of Beal arrived at the scene and reportedly told officers both driver and passenger “had been partying the night before and did not sleep” until early that morning. Beal confirmed said he had been drinking the night before but had not consumed alcohol that morning. Neither Beal, nor his friend, should have said anything to the police about consuming alcohol or partying in the time prior to the crash.

Beal took two breathalyzer tests within 20 minutes which registered .151 percent and .101 percent, and also failed additional field tests, according to the complaint. Preliminary breath tests (PBTs) and field sobriety tests are completely voluntary and should not have been taken/performed by Beal.

Beal was arrested and submitted to a chemical test, via breathalyzer where he is said to have registered “almost twice the legal limit.” In other words, his alleged BAC was NOT twice the legal limit.

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Speaking in the interest of your DUI defense, if you are involved in an accident, especially a serious one where death occurs, though emotions will certainly be running high, remember that you have rights and must actively preserve them. Do not submit to field sobriety tests, take preliminary breath tests, or speak to police, until you have spoken with a highly qualified DUI defense attorney. You are your first priority.

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