DUI Facts & Statistics

DUI facts & statistics

DUI Facts & Statistics

Although law enforcement has clamped down on driving under the influence in Pennsylvania and across the country, DUIs continue to be a major problem on roadways today. There are some important DUI facts & statistics a person should bear in mind when it comes to DUIs in the United States. Considering these facts and figures assist a person in gaining a better perspective on driving under the influence in Pennsylvania and the United States.

Deaths and Driving and Under the Influence

Over 10,000 people are killed annually in traffic accidents that involve an intoxicated driver, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This translates to about 30 people in the United States being killed on roadways daily because of an intoxicated driver. A person dies in a drunk driving related accident about every 51 minutes.

Fatalities caused by drunk drivers account for about one-third of all roadway deaths in the United States each year. Of children killed in an alcohol-related traffic accident, about 50 percent were in the same automobile as the impaired driver.

Drunk Driving Arrests

Approximately 1.3 million motorists are arrested annually for driving under the influence in the United States. This compares with 121 million self-reports of driving intoxicated during the same time frame. In other words, the number of impaired drivers actually arrested is a very small portion of the total.

Financial Costs of Drunk Driving

The comprehensive annual costs associated with alcohol related accidents amounts to nearly $60 billion each year. This includes a calculation of all associated losses.

The financial loss calculation includes not only the immediate losses sustained at the time of the accident, but such things as lost wages and similar losses. Medical expenses are also included in the calculation.

Legal Assistance

A person charged with a DUI faces serious consequences. These can include stiff fines and incarceration. The first step a person must take in the aftermath of being charged with DUI is to retain an experienced Pennsylvania DUI lawyer.

A DUI lawyer will schedule an initial consultation with you at no cost and no obligation. The attorney will discuss your options during this meeting.

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