Mckenzie Law Firm, P.C., Donates $2000 to Jefferson Fire Company to Purchase Rescue Boat

Mckenzie Law Firm, P.C., Donates $2000 to Jefferson Fire Company to Purchase Rescue Boat

In December 2021, McKenzie Law Firm, P.C., donated $2000 to the Jefferson Fire Company No. 1 for the purpose of purchasing new equipment for rescue aid. After a vote, members of the volunteer fire company decided to use our law firm’s donation to buy a new rescue boat.

McKenzie Law Firm, P.C., is proud to support the volunteer fire company, which serves West Norriton Township in Pennsylvania and has been doing so for over 100 years. As a criminal defense law firm, our team believes in helping those in need in dire situations. Like our slogan suggests, we shine, not burn – and we hope to send this same spirit to the Jefferson Fire Company No. 1.

Jefferson Fire Company No. 1 Is a Participant of the Pennsylvania Water Rescue

Jefferson Fire Company No. 1 serves its community in Pennsylvania through volunteer work. Members of the fire company work unpaid and help residents during fire emergencies. However, the company also provides aid in other types of emergency situations, including water emergencies. The fire company is an active participant in the Pennsylvania Water Rescue Program, which was initiated by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC).

As recently as November 2021, volunteer workers of the Jefferson Fire Company No. 1 participated in an Emergency Boat Operations & Rescue (Tech Level) training session with WhiteCap Water Rescue Training, LLC, which you can read more about on the company’s Facebook page. During this training session, students were able to learn:

  • How to handle an emergency rescue boat
  • Boat-rescue techniques
  • Tactics to brace against or navigate through moving water

All students who participated represented the fire company and Montgomery County. As a law firm that serves residents in Montgomery County, we hope our monetary donation serves to purchase an emergency rescue boat that will help volunteer workers rescue those in need.

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McKenzie Law Firm, P.C., Advocates for Our Clients’ Rights Furing Criminal Cases

At McKenzie Law Firm, P.C., our criminal defense lawyer defends people in Pennsylvania against unlawful charges so that they may avoid felony or misdemeanor convictions. Facing criminal offenses is often an emergency situation for people, as a conviction can change one’s life forever.

Should you want a lawyer to defend your case, our legal services include:

  • Investigating your case to identify whether your rights were violated or if there is evidence to undermine the prosecution’s case
  • Representing you in pre-trial and trial hearings to advocate for your interests, rights, and innocence
  • Negotiating with the prosecution to reduce or dismiss your charges
  • Handling communications on your behalf to protect your case and your fifth amendment rights

Once you retain a lawyer from our firm, you will also have ease of communication. Our legal team is available by phone, email, text, and social media to clients.

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