Overview of a PA Child Pornography Criminal Charge

Child pornography defense lawyer

Child pornography criminal charge

Being charged with the possession or distribution (or possession and distribution) of child pornography is an extremely serious matter in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and in the United States generally. The conviction on a child pornography charge can result in very stiff penalties, including long prison terms and high fines.

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Federal and Pennsylvania Crimes

A person can be charged with a child pornography crime by both the U.S. government and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, depending on the facts and circumstances of a particular situation. There are some instances in which a person is charged on both the federal and state level when it comes to an allegation regarding child pornography.

Child Pornography Statistics

Despite assumptions otherwise, the United States is in fact the largest producer and consumer of child pornography. A full 55 percent of all child pornography consumed in the world is produced in the United States and involves the sexual abuse of American children. 62 percent of all child pornography found on the Internet is hosted on servers located in the United States.

Child pornography defense lawyer

83 percent of all child pornography images depict children between the ages of six to 12. 39 percent of child pornography features children between the ages of three to five. Finally, 19 percent of child pornography includes images of children under the age of three.

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Sex Offender Registration

One of the serious consequences of a child pornography conviction is the requirement to register as a sex offender. The failure to register as a sex offender, and the failure to keep registration information current, represent crimes in and of themselves. The consequences of being convicted on a child pornography charge truly follow a person throughout life.

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Defending a Child Pornography Charge

Retaining counsel promptly is crucial when a person is charged with a crime involving child pornography. This includes an individual who has been wrongly charged with such a crime.

A skilled Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney understands how to mount a proper defense to this type of serious crime. Scheduling an initial consultation with a Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney after being charged in a child pornography case is vital. There is no charge for this type of initial consultation.

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