The Importance of a Designated Driver

dui designated driver

A Designated Driver is Necessary

The best way to address a legal problem – like a DUI charge – is to avoid it in the first instance. Of course, oftentimes telling a person to avoid something like driving tipsy is easier said than done. However, in the midst of discussing the legalities associated with a Pennsylvania DUI case, visiting a moment about the necessity of a designated driver is important.

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How to Designate a Driver

The driver designation system does not work well when it is done on the fly. In other words, if you go out with a group of friends to a local club, do not declare someone to be the designated driver as you walk through the door at the venue. Odds are strong that a person placed in that position may not remain “designated.”

As part of planning for a night out on the town, include taking the time to specifically designate an individual to be the designated driver for the outing. You may have friends who do not drink at all – whom can be natural selections for the role of designated driver. However, you will want to avoid imposing on the same person each an every time time to prevent that individual from feeling like nothing more than a chauffeur.

Take Advantage of Car Services

In this day and age, you are not relegated to taking a taxicab when going out and about on the town. There exist car services in an ever growing number of cities that typically prove less expensive than a taxicab and that are able to pick you up without any advance notice. Examples of these services are Uber and Lyft. If you are planning an excursion that includes drinking and have yet to try Uber, that service provides you the opportunity to take your first ride on that company. You can access a free Uber ride at:

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Legal Representation

If you do find yourself facing a DUI charge, take a proactive stance. Engage the services of a reliable, experienced Pennsylvania DUI attorney promptly. A Pennsylvania DUI attorney will arrange for an initial appointment to discuss your case at no charge to you.

dui designated driver

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