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DUI – Driving Under the Influence in PA

DUI means Driving Under the Influence. DUI is a serious offence. The permitted Blood Alcohol Content in PA is .08. If you are driving with a Blood Alcohol Content in excess of .08, you are driving under the influence. It means you are intoxicated by the use of alcohol or other drugs to an extent that you are incapable of exercising your motor skills.A DUI conviction has two aspects: administrative and criminal charges. The administrative aspect covers the suspension and seizure of the license on the spot before conviction if the driver fails or refuses a sobriety test. Criminal aspect deals with the sentencing, penalties and fines. Most drunk driving convictions are classified as misdemeanors when no injury is involved, but could be classified as felonies in cases when serious injury or death occurs as a result. The penalties for a first time offender are severe but it is far greater for second and third time convictions. A Felony DUI carries similar penalties to a misdemeanor DUI but may also result in a prison sentence and even more limited freedoms.

Superb / Top-Rated / Preeminent DUI Defense

Most legal matters are downright confusing; especially to ordinary people with no legal background. People facing a DUI charge need an experienced DUI attorney to help them make the correct decisions.

Your first order of business is to get in touch with a Pennsylvania DUI attorney immediately who can provide an objective and experienced perspective of your legal situation. An experienced DUI attorney knows all the legal rules to use to your advantage as well as interpreting state constitutions to serve as a lifeline. The best way to avoid such harsh penalties is to avoid being charged with DUI at all, or at least being charged more than once. However, we understand that sometimes, mistakes are made and unfortunate circumstances do arise. If you are facing multiple DUI charges, then the help of an experienced and skilled DUI defense attorney can be invaluable.

If you are facing a DUI charge, contact our experienced criminal defense lawyers now. Our attorneys specialize in DUI defense. Based on your circumstances, there may be defenses available to you to contest the charge.

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